Family Board Game Craft

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Arty the Penguin shows how to make a family board game using basic supplies and our free printables. A fun craft for the whole family to enjoy for many years! This game is great to play during dinner.

Family Board Game Craft

Time: 2 hours

Ages: 7 yrs. and Up

Price: Low

Supplies Needed:

  • 11x14 Flat Canvas Board

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Sharpie or Oil based Paint Pen

  • Altoids Container

  • Large White Sticker (Name Badge Label)

  • Tokens

  • One Die (Dice Cube)

  • Scissors

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Matte Acrylic Paint

  • Glossy Black Acrylic Paint

  • Small Paintbrushes

  • Water & Rag (for rinsing paintbrushes)

  • Free Printable Question Cards (Download PDF below)

Printable Step-by-Step Craft Instructions

Free Question-Card-Printable Click Here!

Free Game Board Diagram printable. Click Here.

Step 1:

Measure 2 inches from the outer edge all around the canvas board.

Step 2:

Measure 2 inch squares on the long sides.

Step 3:

Measure both short sides as pictured.

Step 4:

Trace over pencil lines with a sharpie or oil-based paint pen.

Step 5:

Paint the board & let dry. Redraw black lines.

Step 6:

Label the board spaces with a sharpie or black glossy paint.

Click here for Free Game Board Diagram printable.

Step 7:

Cut white sticker to fit onto Altoids lid. Label and stick on the lid.

Step 8:

Hot Glue the container to the board.

Step 9:

Print & cut out the question cards.

(Must cut a little extra off the cards to fit in the container.)

Free Question-Card-Printable Click Here!

Step 10:

Gather tokens/playing pieces and one dice.

Time to play with the whole family! Play it during dinner or when friends come over. Hope it brings lots of smiles & memories to your home!

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